Seafood processors

Seafood processors perform a variety of manual labor tasks. Once the fishing fleet delivers seafood to our docks, our processing employees move the product through our production line until it is shipped in bulk to customers and cold storage facilities worldwide.

Seafood processing jobs are a great way to experience the beautiful landscape of remote, coastal Alaska, home to some of the world’s largest and most sustainable wild fisheries. This is a chance to work hard, meet a variety of people from around the world, and produce healthy protein for worldwide consumption. 


Job duties may include, but are not limited to, offloading product from vessels; sorting, butchering, cleaning, weighing, cutting, filleting, trimming, inspecting, and boxing various seafood products; operating plant machinery, a forklift or pallet jack; inspecting product; loading product, boxes, pallets, or carts of product into or out of freezers or refrigerated vans; preparing packaging materials; guiding product into automated machinery: and cleaning or sanitizing the work area.