Mechanical Inspector

Job description


Responsible for visually and mechanically inspecting most mechanical products while utilizing standard measuring equipment to verify product, material and equipment conformance to customer/company specifications.


  • With close supervision, performs the more standardized, routine and repetitive first piece, incoming, in-process, final floor or bench inspections on most standard parts and products
  • With close supervision and following blueprint or process closely, visually inspects and checks a variety of parts using direct reading and adjustable gauges. Generates QC documents as required.
  • Uses simple measuring equipment such as scales, Vernier, height sticks, micrometers and plug gauges.
  • Responsible for maintaining inspection reports.
  • May perform production testing.
  • Maintains work area and equipment in a safe, clean and orderly condition.
  • Performs other related duties as directed.
  • With vendor supplied and manufactured product; notifies Inspection and Production Supervisor of quality problems