Meat Cutters

Responsible for the accurate and efficient operation of production machinery, knives and the production of products to company specifications. Must adhere to all company GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), established SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures),and all Food Safety policies. Duties and Responsibilities: (Include, but are not limited to the following)•Safely operate and maintain production machinery in proper working order at all times. •Ensure compliance with all safety and work rules.•Follow and understand verbal instruction in a fast-pacedenvironment.•Ensure that all food safety, quality assurance, and GMP policies and procedures are followed.•Comply with policies as described in the Employee Handbook and other policy and procedure documents. •Frequent bending and lifting at the waist/knees.•Other duties include assembling boxes, packing meat products, weighing and loading boxes on pallets.•Operate the following: Box sealer, scale, and vacuum sealer.•Collect wash and sanitize boxes for re-use in production.•Cut meat according to customer specifications and USDA NAMP Guidelines•Handle equipment/knives in a safe manner and according to OSHA requirements•Performing duties as required,such as cutting and packaging•Ensure clean, safe,and organized work area.•Prepare meat by cleaning, cutting,and discharging inedible parts.•Cut special meats ordered by customers.•Ensure that all meats are handled and stored correctly.•Comply with all health, sanitation, and USDA regulations.•Frequent and skillful use of knives in trimming products.•Frequent washing and sanitizing of hands and working tools.•Follow and understand written and verbal instructions/signs. •Description
Page 2of 2•Be able to perform additional tasks from time to time as determined by The Company in its sole and absolute discretion. Such tasks may include but are not limited to cleaning condensation from refrigeration units, cleaning windows,etc., and other basic manual tasks as required.Requirements:•Excellent knife skills.•Some understanding of all phases of meat operations in a manufacturing environment.•Able to push/pull heavy objects.•Ability to work long periods standing and in a cold environment (28 F).•Ability to lift 70 lbs. or more.•Able to always work on wet/slippery floors with required /approved footwear. Food Safety Production Areas: •Notify management of any repairs or adjustments that are required. •Perform all duties necessary to meet SQF, The Customer and Government requirements. •Inform management of ANY food safety or quality issues.