Machine Operator


Morning shift 1a 

Sunday 4am- till production is done (time varies on production needs) 

Monday – Wednesday – 4am -315pm  


Morning shift 1b 

Thursday-Friday 4am-415pn 

Saturday – 4am – till finish (time varies on production needs) 


Night shift s2  

Monday-Wednesday -230pm-till finish (time varies depending on production needs) minimum 1230pm 

Thursday- Friday – 3330pm- till finish (time varies depending on production needs) minimum 1230pm 


Extra hours aren’t guarantee but employees cover positions depending on their skill level (machines learned) and availability. 

Rates will increase as your learn to oprate all machines.


Base Rates $15-$20


Video Jet coding machine / machines that headstamps all our packages. Simple to use but also simple to make an error. The operator needs to change dates and codes depending on the current order that’s being produced. Each operator gets job tickets ahead of time if you don’t have any you are to call on the radio to production supervisors in order to prepare for the changeover. (this is a small unit on our hayssen and labelers) 


Hayssen Bagger / bagging machine that works together with the yamato scales to make salad bags. It has different parameters you must learn in order to operate. Must load a roll of film that weights about 50lb onto the machine set your parameters to make the bag cuts proper also need to learn about timing to fill bags and cut at proper times. Employee needs to lift heavy rolls of film and tubes that change on the machine due to product and package weight changes. The employee is expected to operate 1-3 lines at once. (all employees are thought how to perform all duties with on the job training) 


Yamato Scales / scale machines that weight all our products prior to making a vertical drop to the downstairs machines (hayssen or labelers). This machine has vibration and timing settings that employees must learn. Also, there is parts of the scale that operator must make sure they are working properly (feed buckets, weight buckets and linear pans) this are parts of the machine that if they don’t work properly may be having issues with overweight or underweight product. These machine gets a calibration that the operator needs to know how to perform. There are 17 scales for 2-3 operators that employees are expected to work with in a team. (all employees are thought how to perform all duties with on the job training) 


Key Sorter / machine that sorts our raw product by color. An operator sets the machine to let pass the green and kick out any yellow colored product. This machine has programs that are recorded in the hard drive which have images of our leafy greens so anything that doesn’t look like that it will get kicked out. The sorter is the one of the most delicate machines we have so this is a last stop for operators to learn. There are 4 sorters for 1 operator. (all employees are thought how to perform all duties with on the job training)