Machine Operator

Monroe Staffing is looking for a Machine Operator for a Corporation who has evolved as a market leader in engineered rubber, plastic, metal, flexible environmental sealing & energy management solutions. In Woburn, Massachusetts.


With a minimum of supervision, can set up and operating a wide variety of machines and equipment requiring exacting and difficult set-ups. Fabricates, constructs, alters, and repairs simple fixtures, dies and gauges.                                                                                                


  • Capable of setting up and running the EDM machine, bar saw, tube plate machine, chop saw, Robinson fin press, Voss fin press, Voss assembly equipment, test equipment, surface grinders, shears, drill presses, glass beaders, hand tools, and power tools.                                                                      
  • Capable of fabricating and constructing simple fixtures, dies and gauges (such as EDM tooling, Robinson fin press dies, etc.).                                                                                             
  • With a minimum of direction works from blueprints, sketches, written and verbal instructions.                                                                                     
  • Diagnoses and resolves machine and equipment problems. Replaces dull and broken tools, sharpens and dresses cutting tools. Performs machine repairs, adjustments, maintenance and lubrications.                                                        
  • Checks produced parts carefully during set-up and throughout operations to assure that production conforms to blueprints and other specifications.           
  • Leads, trains, instructs and assigns work priorities for less experienced employees in correct procedures and may recommend to supervisor process improvements.                    
  • Performs work in cell or work area as assigned and performs other related duties as required (such as stacking cores, and or flattening cold plates, loading the vacuum furnace and or heat treat furnace etc.).                                                                   
  • Maintains work area, and equipment in a safe, clean and orderly condition.