Applications Development Manager

Application Development Manager

The Applications Development Manager role is a highly technical role.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Works with product owners to plan and execute mission critical applications and roadmap. Ensure product, technical specifications and resources are available to team members.
  • Collaborate with product management in defining product vision that meets current and future customer needs and markets. Architect and develop a state-of-the-art technology development platform to support product management and company vision.
  • Works closely with technical operations team to ensure network and operating systems will support applications architecture while ensuring scalability and growth.
  • Is responsible for all application systems which require significant or complex custom programming logic to be operational (development, testing, QA).
  • Evolve legacy applications and architecture as appropriate; plan and execute a continuous process improvement strategy to reduce rework, bugs and waste.
  • Provide leadership and guidance through coaching, motivation and creativity to foster a positive work environment for personal growth that is fun, dynamic and productive for a team size of 7 (4 developers, 2 database developers, 1 business analyst).
  • Develop applications with agile methodologies and proven RAD techniques.
  • Develop and maintain leading edge expertise in open source technologies and solutions.
  • Demonstrate above average, industry leading expertise in applications architecture, design and development with an in-depth concentration using LAMP technology stack.
  • Manages application systems analysis, programming activities, documentation and release notes through product management handoff.
  • Reviews all application systems development project requests and coordinates schedules and related departmental activity.
  • Approves and coordinates new systems and existing system enhancements with product managers.
  • Assigns personnel to various projects, prioritize and direct their activities.
  • Reviews and evaluates work of staff and prepares performance reports.
  • Directs and implements the necessary controls and procedures to cost-effectively protect information systems assets from intentional or inadvertent modification, disclosure or destruction.
  • Projects long-range requirements for database administration and design in conjunction with other managers in the information systems function.
  • Prepares status reports to management; monitors project hours and tracking.

Required Technical Skills:

  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Java Script/jQuery, MemCached, msSQL, DB2, Apache Solar, API, SOAP, REST
  • Superior Communication and Time Management skills

Other relevant experience/skills:


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