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Monroe Staffing - A Lasting Impression

Amy Innarelli, Director of Regional Operations, North, had a first-hand experience of the impact that working for Monroe Staffing can have on someone’s life.  What she thought would be a regular lunch break turned into an inspirational moment that showed Monroe Staffing could leave a lasting impression on someone.

Amy was running an errand on her lunch break, and upon walking out of her sign vendor’s door, she noticed a new pizzeria next door.  She walked in and was greeted by a gentleman.  Curious, she asked how long they had been open, and he explained that he had just purchased this location 4 months ago.  After picking her lunch from the menu, the conversation continued, and Amy discovered that the man grew up in Haiti and came to the US when he was a boy.  English was his second language, and he further shared that this was his 2nd restaurant (two locations).  He purchased the 1st restaurant with zero restaurant experience, and within four months, he hired on staff and was able to pay himself. 

As the conversation flowed, the man asked Amy, “what do you do?”.  She explained she worked in staffing and had offices in Boston and Providence.  The gentleman said, “Oh, I grew up in Fall River”.  Amy replied, “we have an office in Fall River.” Intrigued, the gentleman asked, “what is the staffing agency name?” To which Amy told him Monroe Staffing.

The gentleman’s face lit up with an endearing smile, then he looked down and shook his head in disbelief.  He said, “Larry and Monroe Staffing are a large part of the successful man I am today.” As the conversation continued, Amy learned he was once a contractor out of the Fall River office.  Sharing many accounts where he was previously placed as a candidate, he said, “I was dependable; that’s why I always got placed”.

The gentleman further shared his life path experiences.  He said, “I didn’t get my leadership skills from Monroe Staffing, but the caring team and vast experience I gained from working at Monroe Staffing played a big part in my overall development and success.  I cannot thank you enough.”

Although Amy didn’t play a part in his success, she left there feeling incredibly proud, with two free slices of cheese pizza.  She couldn’t wait to share what we consider to be not only to be an inspirational individual success story but also an organization success story.

This encounter shows the positive impact working for Monroe Staffing had on this gentleman.  He left us with skills and tools that he has used to further his career. 

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