We understand that second to staffing, the biggest resource we offer you is time. Going into 2018, we have created a web portal to save you even more time throughout the coming years. Monroe Insider will allow you unique access to industry specific news and information. No longer will you need to Google and read through various sites to get the information you’re looking for – we’re assembling it all in one place. Please complete the form below with suggestions of what you would like to see or would find helpful!



We’ve got information and you’ll have full access to content such as:


Employment Market Data

Candidate availability, wage information, and unemployment numbers across sectors – we’ve put it all together for you here!


Industry Blogs

Inside information selected specifically for you and professionals like you within your industry.



Staffing Case Studies

View real-time staffing results from companies within your industry. Why reinvent the wheel when you can benefit from lessons learned at your competitors?


Industry Expert Advice

Our team of staffing consultants are always “in the know” on any changes that may affect your business.


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